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Collection Business

Early domestic enterprises engaged in personal credit management business. And started the operation of the pre-loan reviews for various loans in 1999 as the personal credit management department of Huaxia .


In response to the market demands, a post-loan management team was set up so as to cover the whole process including pre-loan review, loan reminder and post-loan collection for individual loans.


Customers include banks, auto finance companies and other financial institutions, covering all types of individual loans including student loan, housing loan, auto loan, credit card and so on.


In 2008, established Huaxia CRIF Credit Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. with CRIF, a well-known Italian credit management company.


In 2018, Huaxia Credit  acquired the equity held by the foreign partner, and the company   was officially renamed as Huaxia Finance Credit Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd..


With branches and offices across the country, it is capable to provide individual loan management services nationwide.


In 2019, Huaxia Finance Credit Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd. launched ISO27001 Information Security Management System Certification.

Service Procedure





+86(0)10 65002324
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