Welcome to Huaxia International Credit Consulting Co., Ltd.
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Our Strengths

We are committed to providing full range of pre-employment screening services and solutions in an efficient manner, helping our partners and customers establish customized and long-run HR risk control system through comprehensive analysis on the their brands, recruitment processes, compliance standards and needs of risk mitigation.

Geographical Areas——Covering Hong kong, Macao, Taiwan, Japan, South Korean, Singapore, British, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other regions and countries.
Service Languages——Including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean
Service Experience——Provide standardized pre-employment background information verification Services for Fortune 500™ and other middle and large sized corporations.

Industry Experience——Provide in-depth pre-employment background verification services for the financial, banking, machinery manufacturing, high-tech, pharmaceutical, energy and other industries.

International Cooperation——Agent for 15 overseas providers of background information verification services in Asia.



+86(0)10 65002324
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